Management Consulting

Advisory Methodology

  • Understand
    • On-site discussion with client team and internal stakeholders to fully understand business objectives, requirements, existing conditions, and problem areas
    • Market deep-dive and external stakeholder meetings to validate the problem statement and assumptions
  • Analyse
    • Analysis of As-Is conditions, challenges and problem statement
    • Exploration of possible solutions and identifying the right solution with client team
    • Seeking confirmation from client team on project scope, outcomes and approach
    • Establishment of guiding principles for design and development of the solution
  • Design & Develop
    • Design and development of proposed solutions and deliverables
    • Ongoing discussion with client team to clarify requirements and make key decisions on the development process
  • Review & Feedback
    • Review and feedback on key project deliverables with client team
    • Discussions on feedback and amendments, if required
  • Finalise Deliverables
    • Finalisation of proposed solutions and deliverables
    • Presentation and demo to client team
    • Final revisions and adjustments
    • Training to key users and stakeholders
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