Future Design Podcast


Technology has given us great power, and with proper use, can usher us into a more egalitarian, diverse and inclusive society. Future Design Podcast, through its discourses with visionaries in various fields, looks to empower listeners with perspectives on how the world is evolving with new technologies, mindsets, and philosophies. Empowered individuals can have a much stronger voice and influence in bringing about revolutionary changes in the world. Future Design Podcast aims to serve as a catalyst and lead the way towards that change.

Do we just want quick dopamine hits? Is it true that we are really so starved for attention, desperate for the “likes” we get on social media, that we post whatever makes people react?......

What do we need to spiritually harness an empowering technology such as blockchain?Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, technology is as well. While it can be used to......

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