Future Design Podcast “COVID19 Special” w/ Shalaka Verma – What’s Next for AI

AI is already deployed in many different industries. Just look at your smartphone, it’s running in the back of the music/video streaming sites, ads on your social media feed, or the e-commerce sites. In one fashion or another, it’s out there. It has even detected a peculiar case of pneumonia that broke out in Wuhan in December 2019, 9 days before the WHO declared it a pandemic. So what’s next for AI?

According to Shalaka Verma, Director of Partner Technology of Microsoft says the COVID19 pandemic reset the reality for businesses to bring forward the digital transformation into AI. We have the technological infrastructure, computer power, cloud solutions, etc to excel AI in various sectors vertically and horizontally.

What is lacking is 1) Trust; credibility in the data analysis output is still lacking. Her solution is to create a universal standard policy of collecting data, security, and the right to control. 2) System interoperability: one silo AI model wouldn’t be as useful if it’s not integrated with other systems across not just the division, but across the enterprise and even with the client’s.

There are still challenges that need to be thought of from a holistic level in order to see it go to the next level.

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