Future Design Podcast “COVID19 Special” w/ Jimeno Fonseca – Environmental Energy Creation

Global carbon emissions reduced by 17% during this pandemic. We still need to reduce 7.6% p.a. until 2030 to meet the target set by the 2015 Paris Agreement. Aren’t we going back to the same way we consumed energy pre-Covid-19? If we can’t change our behavior, we need to change the system.

There are many smarter devices that are energy efficient and DIY solar energy generators being made for household use, but digging deeper, what technologies are out there that can be both high in energy generation and clean? Green energy has yet to prove that it can be a fully functional base loader.

Jimeno Fonseca (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimenofonseca/), a senior researcher of energy sources for ETH Zurich, is back on our show to explain how various nuclear reactor technologies are being experimented to replace the old, which can avoid catastrophes like the Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Fukushima.

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