Future Design Podcast #011 with Peter DeMeo – Hacking Crypto Part 2.

Peter DeMeo, Global Sales Leader for IBM’s Digital Asset’s team, continues to discuss various topics that are going on in the crypto and blockchain world. In this part 2. he explains the currently trending decentralized finance application and how it can be done better to get better adoption on a retail level.

Also the pros/cons of private and permission-based blockchain, which is getting more traction in the enterprises and governments. Hyperledger is becoming the most adopted blockchain and many business consortiums are being built on top of it. Governments are experimenting on CBDC (central bank digital currencies) starting off from China. We discuss where are all these projects going.

Lastly, we bring it back to the wonderful world of crypto custody solutions again. There are a few options that custody can be done technologically. We get down on the nitty-gritty of all that.

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